Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Two Recent Articles on Fathering

Anthony Esolen and Grant Castleberry have recently given us moving, helpful articles on fatherhood.

Readers of this blog will not be strangers to Esolen, whom I have linked to and commended before. In this essay he eventually speaks to the the current situation of the Boy Scouts. However, the bulk of the article simply articulates a healthy view of masculinity from the view of a father seeking to nurture his son. In typical Esolen fashion it is powerful and motivating. I believe he is correct in asserting, "In this time, it is impossible to raise any real man without trying to raise a godly man"

Then, Grant Castleberry has written a particularly moving piece reflecting on the impact of the loss of his father and how his father's faith and purity shaped him even though his father died when he was young. The story of the photo was particularly powerful to me.

I hope these articles can encourage you as they have me.



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