Tuesday, October 20, 2015

PROOF Pirates: Finding the Treasure of God's Amazing Grace

PROOF Pirates: Finding the Treasure of God's Amazing Grace, by Lindsay Blair, Timothy Paul Jones, & Jonah Sage
Illustrated by Tessa Janes
New Growth Press, 2015

This is a great new family devotional book which corresponds to a VBS curriculum by the same name. The book is due out next month, but I had a chance to read it earlier. This is the endorsement I wrote for the book:
PROOF Pirates is a fun way to learn profound truths about God’s grace and salvation. My kids loved it! One was even bouncing up and down in anticipation of the next clue. Resources like this which are so engaging and biblically faithful are great gifts for families, and I am grateful for people who produce them.”
The book is simple and engagingly written, explaining the doctrine of salvation in a profoudn way. This is a great resource that I fully commend.

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