Monday, October 30, 2017

Renegade: A Graphic Novel of the Life of Martin Luther

Renegade:Martin Luther, The Graphic Novel, by Dacia Palmerino and Andrea Grosso Ciponte
(Plough Publishing House, October 2017), pb., 156 pp.
Ages 14+

This is an engaging and fairly detailed graphic novel on Martin Luther covering his entire life, from birth to death. It was originally written in Italian and translated into German before coming into English this month. The authors clearly know the Luther story well and seems to be aware of some of the different debates on Luther. They do have Luther giving his defiant response at Worms on the first day he was questioning rather than on the second after asking for a day to consider the demand to recant, but this does not negate the good work throughout.

The artwork is edgy, capturing well the darkness Luther grappled with and other situations like the peasant revolt and the Black Death. This is a great tool to help people encounter Luther afresh or to engage them for the first time. I am glad to see this coming out just as we approach the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Portrait of a Father

I am currently reading to my younger children Chuck Black’s book, Kingdom’s Dawn. The book parallels the biblical story in a medieval setting where a usurper has sought to wrest a certain area from the true King, who represents God. In that setting we meet the main character as an older boy on the verge of manhood being trained by his father. This statement from the boy to his father is surely what every dad wants his son to be able to say.

“No, I have not met the King … but you have. I have learned from you, I have questioned you, but most of all I have watched you. I know you Father. There is not another man in the kingdom more honest, generous, compassionate, or courageous than you. If the King deserves the complete loyalty you give Him, then I do not need to see Him face-to-face to know that He is worthy of my complete loyalty as well” (33).

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Nice book about Martin Luther's Wife

(Unbroken Faith Productions, 2017), hb., 52 pp.

As we approach Reformation Day in this 500th anniversary year, this is a nicely produced book on Martin Luther’s wife, Katharine von Bora. Luther commented on how much he owed to his wife, and his deep love for her was evident. Luther once commented, “I would not trade my Katie for France or Venice.”

The authors do a good job of telling the story of how Katharine was sent to be a nun as a young girl, later escaped the convent (along with other women) after embracing Luther’s teachings, and eventually ended up marrying Martin who had not been thinking of marriage. The Strackbeins continue the story telling us about the Luther family as it expanded with children. This is a great story that children and adults should know. Martin Luther loved his wife and children and rejoiced in them. The Luther marriage and family transformed Protestant thinking about Christian homes since for centuries pastors had not been allowed to marry.

The book is amply and nicely illustrated which enhances its usefulness with children.

With endorsements by leading scholars like Carl Trueman and Gene Veith, this is a great book to purchase for your family and to use as you celebrate Reformation day this year.