Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Athanasius Book Giveaway

As a follow up to my post commending Simonetta Carr’s book, Athanasius, I also have a copy of the book to give away to an interested reader. This is a great book which will be good for families and libraries.

You can be entered in the drawing in two ways. If you leave a comment on this post you will be entered once. If you pass along word about this post by linking it at your blog, retweeting it, or sharing it on Facebook you will be entered twice (send me the link or “@mention” me in the tweet so I will know).

From the names entered I will draw a winner next Wednesday, Oct 5.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Athanasius, by Simonetta Carr

Athanasius, by Simonetta Carr
Christian Biographies for Young Readers series
(Reformation Heritage Books, 2011), hb., 61 pp.
Ages 8-15

This is the third book in this series by Simonetta Carr which I have commented on. This series is becoming a “go to” spot for biographies of great leaders in Christian history. (I also commented previously on another children’s biography of Athanasius that was not as compelling)

This is an engaging, nicely illustrated biography of Athanasius. It explains the world into which Athanasius was born where Christians were severely persecuted until Athanasius’ teenage years when Constantine ended the persecution. Carr also discusses the conflict with Arius, the political maneuverings which led to Athanasius’ exiles. The book is especially good in making clear that the theological disputes of the time were not mere hair splitting. Carr makes clear that Athanasius labored and suffered to defend the gospel for the good of souls. This is a great book for introducing young readers to this important pastor and to the important theological issue of the day- the full deity and humanity of Christ.

The heart of the book is nicely captured in this compelling book trailer:

Since many in our churches do not have a good grasp of church history this book and trailer could be very useful to many.

I warmly commend this book to you.
(A nice product description and table of contents can be found here)

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