Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Boy and the Ocean, Max Lucado

The Boy andthe Ocean, Max Lucado
Paintings by T. Lively Fluharty
(Crossway, 2013), hb., 48 pp.
Ages 2-6

This is a simple little story which holds up the vastness of God’s love. It is not profound, but simply seeks to affirm the greatness of God’s love by comparison with the ocean, mountains, and the night sky. It also provides a positive setting with a boy enjoying time with his father and mother as they enjoy nature and talk about God’s love.

The best part of the book is the beautiful illustrations by Fluharty. The words of the story are exhausted quickly, but you can continue to look at the paintings for some time. The little puppy staring into a puddle and the look on the boy’s face as he flies on an eagle in his dream were favorites of ours.

The book affirms the comforting reality of God’s love. It does not raise the issue of sin or the reality that we are blocked from God’s love apart from Christ. This basic information is useful for the very young audience for which it is intended, though the price is a bit high for what it offers. 


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