Sunday, November 03, 2013

"10 Books Children Should Read"

Last month this article appeared, “10 Books Children Should Read.” The author briefly encourages parents to give some leeway in books their children read while also providing direction. Then she recommends ten books.
I agree with the general advice she gives on parental involvement. We need not allow only classics to our children, but we definitely must shepherd them in the choice of books. What you read shapes your thinking which shapes your living, so parents ought to guide their children in reading wholesome and helpful things.
Her list of ten books is interesting. We haven’t read all of them, but she lists some we have appreciated, including Little Britches and Tale of Desperaux. We have read Gordon Macdonald’s At the Back of the Northwind, which she lists, but didn't enjoy it as much. We much preferred The Princess and the Goblin.

I pass on this article and her list, not because I can recommend all the boos myself but because I found it useful in finding recommendations from someone else.

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