Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Miracles of Jesus

Nest Family Learning
App available from Apple store, Google play, Amazon, or Nook
Ages 3-6

The format of this ebook is fantastic! This one is designed for early readers and allows for the child to read it himself or for a recorded voice to read it as the child follows along (each word is highlighted as it is read). This is great for learning to read. Each page has a picture and as it is read the picture also changes so that in effect there are 2 pictures per page. Also included are some fun interactive games, coloring pictures (which can be printed) and trivia games. This concept is superb.

Where I had concerns was in content. As is common in bible stories for children, there is a mix of fact and fiction. In this case, I think it could be distracting or confusing since I think it will be difficult for children to know which parts are precisely true and which are made up. More significantly, there are factual errors in the book. For example the book says the apostles had returned to fishing when Jesus came to them walking on the water. That is not the case, but Jesus had sent them on ahead of him. Also, the book says Jesus was a great man and teacher and that the disciples thought he was the Son of God. The book never affirms that Jesus is the Son of God as the New Testament texts do.

The concept for this product is so good I hope the company will improve the content in future ones. A little attention to details or the use of an advisory board could clear up these things. I am not sure if the ambiguity on the person of Christ was intentional or accidental. Again, if accidental, that could quite easily be clarified. I will look for future products Nest Family Learning. 

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At 10:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, thank you.
Thank you for investing in children through childrens ministers by blogging about your experiences on The Children's Hour, and sharing your learnings openly.

Please know how incredible this is. And be encouraged to keep going.

I hope and pray that even more childrens ministers will be inspired, find solutions to their struggles, will be encouraged not to stop serving, and be inspired to grow their gifts.

We recognize that these are incredible times to live in, where technology allows childrens ministers around the world to encourage each other. As for ourselves, we use technology to reach out to children globally as well.

We’re developing the world’s first videogame that takes kids through the Bible from beginning to end. Our hope is to increase the love for God’s Word amongst kids.

We dream to see fathers and sons going through the Bible together, having fun as they become part of David’s army, spend time in the fish as Jonah, and play level after level, leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection.

In order to steward this immense project well, we’re building relationships with childrens ministers like you. You know the kids in your community. We like to ask your input by allowing you to look behind the scenes, have your kids/families play demo game levels before they go public, etc. You may also recommend a few people you think would be of interest.

Additionally, we can provide you with plenty of interesting “blog-food” (concept art, images, etc) if you feel that this could benefit your subscribers.

If you’d like more information, shoot me a quick reply to the email address below.

connect (at) tornadotwins (dot) com

At 4:41 AM, Anonymous sandy said...

Hi there!

Thank you so much for blogging about the books you are reading! I have been reading through the archives and have found them so helpful. I only have little girls (3 and under) so lots of the books you review are bookmarked for if we have boys:-)

I am wondering what story bible you recommend for 3 year olds? Many of the good ones are for older children, and all the "toddler" bibles I have come across are terrible, with heaps of things in them that are simply not true. I have started telling my daughter bible stories using a felt set, but it would be nice to have an accurate little kid's bible for her to read in the evenings.

At 8:27 PM, Blogger Ray Van Neste said...

Hey Sandy,

Thanks for your encouraging words. Yes, my focus has mostly been boys! Since we've had our little girl I have not been able to post as much.

For little ones I have a few recommended resources here:

Here are the key books from that article for younger kids:
The Learn About God series (Christian Focus)
God’s Little Guidebooks, by Hazel Scrimshire (Christian Focus)
Bible Time & Bible Wise, by Carine Mackenzie (Christian Focus- maybe a little older
Hear Me Read series, by Mary Manz Simon (Concordia Publishing House)
Big Truths for Little Kids, by Susan and Richie Hunt (Crossway Publishers)
My First Study Bible, by Paul Loth (Thomas Nelson)

I hope that's helpful


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