Monday, October 10, 2011

Noisy Place, by Edgar Guest

I have for sometime enjoyed the poetry of Edgar Guest. His focus in simple rhymes on the beauty of everyday life and family is a blessing to me. This poem is a good reminder for me and fits the Children’s Hour theme well.

Noisy Place

It is difficult to read
When for candy children plead,
And I find it quite disturbing
When with shouts there is no curbing
They come bounding in the place
At a mad and merry pace,
Just as if the world and all
Had been made for children small.

It is difficult to write
When with innocent delight
And a joy no frown can smother
Lusty lungs are calling: “Mother!
May we go in swimming now?”
So I sit and mop my brow
And I push the work away
Till there comes a quiet day.

It is difficult to nap
When the screen doors bang and slap
And a most tumultuous riot
Shatters every hope of quiet.
For no youngster ever thinks
Father needs those forty winks,
Or respects the plea we make
To be still for mother’s sake.

But somehow it seems to me
That more difficult ’twould be
Could I sit and read whenever
Came the fancy, knowing never
Child o’ mine would burst the door
To disturb me as of yore.
I should oft’ be longing then
To be bothered once again.


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