Monday, May 03, 2010

Our Home is like a Little Church

Having previously commended here the little book, Pastor Daddy, I am pleased to say that the new edition, Our Home is like a Little Church, has now been published by Christian Focus Publications. Previously the book was available only through Sojourn Church who produced it, so I am pleased to see it now made more widely available.

Here is the promotional blurb I wrote for the book:

This is an excellent book and I have sought to get a copy into the hands of every family at our church. It is a story about fathers leading their families at home as the pastor leads the church. The great old concept of “every father the pastor of the church meeting in his house” is portrayed here in an engaging and compelling way. The left hand pages comment on what the pastor does at church. The right hand pages then comment on how the dad does a similar thing in leading his family at home. Reading this then will urge fathers forward and give them some built-in accountability as children will look to see that the things read about are actually done!  The book is simply written in a nice rhyme with nice illustrations. This little book has the potential to accomplish much good. I encourage you to get a copy for yourself and then get copies for families you could give it to.

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At 9:57 AM, Anonymous Jared Kennedy said...

Thanks so much for posting a note about this, Ray. Sojourn has been truly blessed by your friendship.


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