Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Gold Thread

The Gold Thread: A Story for the Young, by Norman Macleod, D.D.
(London: Burnet & Isbiter, nd), 68 pp.

I found this old book in a little bookshop in Scotland, and it has become a favorite in our family. This is a beautiful allegory of the Christian life in a manner that reminded me of C. S. Lewis though I believe this would have been written prior to Lewis.

The story is all about Eric, son of good King Magnus. He has gotten lost in the wood because he strayed from the Gold Thread which would safely guide him through the wood back to his Father. Eric endures difficulties being lost in the wood, finds his way back to the thread, and must face various temptations and threats which would pull him away from the thread. I am not entirely sure what Macleod’s intention was, but I took the Gold Thread as a symbol for Scripture, that which is to guide is along our way on the journey to our Father’s kingdom. The temptations to leave the thread, even slightly, that Eric faces portray in a very compelling way the temptations which we face do divert from Scripture. At places it seems impossible to go on with the thread, that it will lead into a wall or over a cliff or into the clutches of a lion, but each time when he follows on in faith the thread does lead him safely along. These parts of the story provide a great picture of faith, trusting and obeying God’s Word even when we do not understand- an important lesson powerful communicated.

My boys enjoyed this story beginning around the age of five. It is clearly written and full of adventure. I recommend it heartily, as it is one of oru families all time favorites. Used copies can sometimes be found, and more recently a reprint edition of this wonderful little book has been made available.


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