Sunday, January 25, 2009

Among the Camps

Among the Camps : Young People's Story of the War, by Thomas Nelson Page
(Reprinted by Sprinkle Publications, 1995)
Ages 6+

This is a sequel to Two Little Confederates and is very similar. It does not continue with the same family, but is actually a collection of four different stories all of young people during the War Between the States. In each story the children show spunk. Like the previous book, this one gives a view of life during this time.

Probably my favorite of these four stories is the first one where a father who is in the Confederate army manages to visit his family on Christmas and promises specific gifts for his children the following year. During the year, the family’s plantation ends up behind enemy lines. The story of the father’s persistence to uphold his promise and the faith and perseverance of his children is powerful.

This is another fun story with good lessons and historical awareness.



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