Monday, October 23, 2017

Portrait of a Father

I am currently reading to my younger children Chuck Black’s book, Kingdom’s Dawn. The book parallels the biblical story in a medieval setting where a usurper has sought to wrest a certain area from the true King, who represents God. In that setting we meet the main character as an older boy on the verge of manhood being trained by his father. This statement from the boy to his father is surely what every dad wants his son to be able to say.

“No, I have not met the King … but you have. I have learned from you, I have questioned you, but most of all I have watched you. I know you Father. There is not another man in the kingdom more honest, generous, compassionate, or courageous than you. If the King deserves the complete loyalty you give Him, then I do not need to see Him face-to-face to know that He is worthy of my complete loyalty as well” (33).


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