Monday, April 17, 2017

Ember Falls

Ember Falls (The Green Ember Series Book 2)
By S. D. Smith
(Story Warren Books, 2016), 234 pp.
Ages 7+

I had heard much about Book 1 in this series, The Green Ember, but had never read it. So, when I had an opportunity to get this book on audio I went for it. I am glad I did! This is an excellent story with grand adventure, heroism, nobility, courage and sacrifice. Since it was on audio I listened to it while travelling and am now looking forward to reading the first book to my children (ages 9 & 11).

The book has similarities to Redwall with rabbit good guys (some of whom are essentially monks) opposed by wolves and birds of prey. However, the moral dilemmas are even more distinct and intentional. In this story the good guys are fighting to preserve to line of King Jupiter and to restore justice to the Wood. The heroes not only battle the evil without but must master self-ambition and their desire to rescue their own families which can be at odds with the need of the entire group.

I finished this book longing for the sequel. This is a very promising series.