Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Real Story of the Exodus

Paul Maier, The Real Story of the Exodus
Illustrated by Gerad Taylor
Concordia Publishing House, 2009), hb. 32 pp.
Ages 8+

I have previously commented on two books by Maier which we have appreciated.  This one is more similar to his book on Christmas in that it seeks to tell the real story, providing a faithful, historical retelling of the biblical account. He succeeds well in this aim, and the illustrations by Gerad Taylor are nicely done. I particularly like the illustration of the Red Sea crossing (which also appears on the book cover) because it captures the dramatic reality with water stacked up on the sides, a dry path and the people pouring through.

The downside is that the text is pitched at a higher level than one might expect given the pictures and look of the book. It was harder to hold my children’s attention. So, it could work well as a lesson but not so much as simply a story to read together with younger children. 

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