Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Vladimir: Prince of Russia

(Kingstone Comics, 2011), 64 pp, pb
Ages 12+

This graphic novel tells the story of Vladimir who became Grand Prince of Kiev and led the Christianization of his people. I was particularly interested in this book because on a mission trip to the Ukraine years ago I picked up a medallion which bore the image of Vladimir.

However, the story does not come through real clearly. If someone already knows the basic story, they would probably follow it well, but with little background I don’t think the book will work well. It also plays up his pre-conversion immorality. I do not doubt the historicity of this, but I envisioned a younger audience for the graphic novel. It is not terribly explicit, but it is not something I would give to my younger children. It appears to have been written with Russian or Ukranian people in mind (who might presumably know the basic story) to call them back to Christianity.

So, if you have older children who are already studying this period of Russian history, this might work as an extra resource. I would not recommend it on its own or for general reading for enjoyment.

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