Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best Reads With My Kids in 2011

As 2011 comes to a close I thought I’d list the best books I've read with my kids this year (my list of best reads in 2011 for myself can be found here). This list includes only full-length books which I read with my older children, not brief booklets read with my younger ones. In no particular order the top 5 are:
  1. Kingdom's Hope & Kingdom's Edge (The Kingdom Series, Book 2 & 3), Chuck Black- We listened to the audio of these and really enjoyed them. You can read my comments on Book 2 here. Book 3 was also quite good. They survey the story of the Bible in the setting of knights.
  2. Chosen Ones (The Aedyn Chronicles), Alister McGrath- This is a Narnia-like story which is well done with good truths. We eagerly read the second volume when it appeared, but it was not up to the quality of the first.
  3. Through My Eyes, Tim Tebow with Nathan Whitaker- This was a really good read with the boys- strong on perseverance, hard work, family, trusting God, living for his glory and sharing the gospel.You can see my review here.
  4. This Was John Calvin, Thea van Halsema- This was a really good biography of the prominent reformer (see review here)
  5. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever- Tammie read it aloud to us again, a Christmas tradition for us. Really good at puncturing religious pomposity and pointing to earthiness and mission (my review from a previous year is here).
We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and blessings to you in the New Year.



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