Friday, June 04, 2010

Hostage Lands

Hostage Lands, by Douglas Bond
(P&R Publishing, 2006), pb., 234 pp.
Ages 8+

If you have read much on this blog you will know that my family & I are big fans of Douglas Bond and his books (see discussion of other Bond books). Earlier this year we finally read this one, Hostage Lands. The style and approach are recognizable from other books we have read, for example the ancient story comes to us as a modern person reads an account.

The story begins with a modern boy in Britain living near Hadrian’s Wall. This boy, Neil, is not very interested in school and does not see the value of Latin, though he picks up the language well. Along the way he discovers an ancient manuscript in Latin which he translates with the aid of his teacher. In this story we enter the world of Roman Britain, the tension between Rome and local tribes, conflicting loyalties, questions of honor and the claims of Christ vis-à-vis the claims of other authorities in our lives.
As always Bond tells a good tale with action, adventure and intrigue. He also gives you a good feel for the history and life in Roman Britain. It is a great way to learn while having fun. We warmly recommend this book.

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