Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tolle Lege

I just received the latest issue “Tolle Lege” the newsletter/catalogue of Reformation Heritage Books. This issue focuses on children’s books and is a great resource. RHB carries books you won’t find anywhere else- several that have been reviewed right here!.

Here is a good word from Joel Beeke from the cover of this issue. Whether or not you are in the Reformed stream of Christianity this is a good exhortation:

“Church growth books and manuals flood the market. Surprisingly few address internal growth through the Holy Spirit sovereignly blessing the raising of children in covenantal truth. Yet, historically, Reformed Christians have acknowledged that their most solid, genuine church growth has been through the conversion of youth reared in the church. Charles Spurgeon wrote to Edward Payson Hammond, author of The Conversion of Children, “My conviction is that our converts from among children are among the very best we have. I should judge them to have been more numerously genuine than any other class, more constant, and in the long run more solid.”

Andrew Bonar concurred. He also wrote to Hammond, saying, “In awakenings that have been given us, the cases of young people have been as entirely satisfactory as any cases we have had. If conversion be God’s work, in which the Holy Spirit reveals Christ to the soul, surely His work can take place in children as really as in the old.”

Children raised in the church need to hear the gospel, that is, the evangel, every bit as much as adults. They too need to be born again. They too need to be evangelized.”


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