Friday, January 06, 2006

Children's Bio of Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick, Michael J. McHugh
(Christian Liberty Press, 1999), 150 pages.

Stories about key historical Christian leaders are always attractive to me but we have learned from experience that a good idea for a book does not insure the good writing of the story. This book, however, is really well done. The story is told well, including good action. My boys really enjoyed it. The author also does a good job at various places in the story of presenting the gospel- not in a cheesy or truncated manner as so common in many kids stories. The gospel arises naturally as Patrick considers his soul during his enslavement in Ireland eventually resulting in his conversion (which is related well), and then in his missionary preaching later on. Each time the gospel call is repent and believe.

Now, this book is not Narnia level writing. It does seem a little heavy handed at times, but I do warmly recommend it. It presents courage, perseverance, the importance of obedience to parents, sharing of the gospel, gospel removing fear of death and enabling boldness. The author clearly seeks to distance Patrick and the British church from Rome, which is fine with me, but I do not know how historically accurate that is.

(Note: I cannot findthis book listed on the publisher's website currently. I have contacted them and will update this post when I hear something. Sadly, this book like several others we have enjoyed is nto available through Amazon. Amazon does have an Audio version)
UPDATE: The link above will now take you to an Amazon page where the book can be purchased.

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Sounds interesting! Can you provide the ISBN number?


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